1970 Riviera in Aurora, CO


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Asking Price: $29,500

1970 aurora co

Camper Facts

  • Year: 1970
  • Model: Riviera
  • Odometer: 78,000
  • Engine: 4 Cylinder
  • Transmission: Manual

Seller Info

  • Type: Private Owner
  • Location: Aurora, Colorado
  • Name: Expired
  • Phone: Expired
  • Email: Expired


More Details & Pictures

Just in time for Christmas!
Montana Red 1970 VW Bay Window Riviera Camper to (so add a green bow and bring retro cheer!)

Won’t claim Rare but more unusual Riviera Camper top bus.
Upgrades/mods (pictures below):

1. Subaru 2.2 Engine so total bus mileage unknown (it has a 5 digit odometer) the Subaru had about 140K miles. But I’ve only put on about 9k miles over the past 4 years. Radiator is located under the floor pan and there is is a heater attached in the front (works ok depending on outside temp).
2. Swapped out the instrument cluster (hence part of the mileage guessing above). A temperature gauge for the Subaru engine added in the empty far right position.
3. This also necessitated a complete rebuild and re=gearing of the transmission.
1. The 4th gear is a “Freeway Flyer” gear.
2. Had issues with the transmission linkage as well, replaced with a CSP IGermany) performance coupling which uses wrought iron cage and hi strength Urethane. No issues since the upgrade, I also have a spare (I tended to buy two of parts I was afraid might be hard to get in the future).
4. Front Disc brakes from a 1971 bus. These use a different wheel bolt pattern then the original 1970 (which are still on the rear)
5. Bus originally had the windshield washer activated through the front mount spare tire.
1. removed the spare tire mount and replaced with a VW logo (didn’t like the tire look)
2. Added an electric washer pump.
6. added 2nd battery and cutover charging mechanism.
1. added 1200W inverter to go along with it.
7. The bus currently has 14” wheels in white. I have 5 15” wheels (in original bolt pattern) and two adapters. These were sent out for professional powder coating in white.
1. Both sets of wheels are included
8. Custom cabinet installed, the decision was made since the bus was going to be used as a daily driver and in town a lot, no camping equipment was replaced. But that kept all the windows available for a great view and lots of light. I have felt using Coleman fold up stoves, tables and decent coolers (hey even my ’91 Vanagon fridge isn’t so great).
9. Added a 2nd Jalousie/slatted window (originally was a slider).
10. The rear window has a defroster
11. Added a Retro Sound radio,
1. Give you blue tooth , hands free phone etc.
2. Looks like an old radio with push buttons, even has a peel and stick (removable/replaceable) “dial” so you can keep it looking old when the radio is off.

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