VWBusCamper.com is part of Total Auto Network, a community of sites about classic cars, custom trucks, RVs, motorhomes and everything auto.  Listed below are a few other sites in our network that are closely related to this one.



1.) VWVanagonCamper.com

VW Vanagon Camper is similar to this site except it focuses on the Volkswagen Type 2 (T3) model which was produced from 1976 – 1992.  It was simliarly converted both by pro companies like Westfalia and weekend warriors.

2.) VWEurovanCamper.com

Yep you guessed it.  Similar site except focuses on the Volkswagen Transporter T4 campervans produced from 1991 – 2003.  The Transporter is a new name from the Type 2 however takes the T3 designation chronologically to T4.


Other non-Volkswagen Camper & Motorhome Sites

Ford Camper Vans and the sister site FordCamperClassifieds.com are resources totally focused on Ford Van conversions.  This includes early model Econoline conversions, E-Series chassis cutaway pro motorhomes and the new Transit / Transit Connect variations.

Resource site and North American Classifieds dedicated to Mercedes Sprinter van camper conversions.

Dodge A100 is a classifieds site for the classic 1960s Dodge A100 which was made as both a pickup and van.  It was visually similar to the VW Bus and also featured a mid-engine design.  Check out the specific Dodge A100 Camper page to see only campervan conversions.


These are just a few of the sites in our network.  Check out TotalAutoNetwork.com for more information.  If you want to see us cover anything specific let us know in the comments below.


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