1970 Campmobile in Durango, CO

Last Updated: 8/7/2017 | Ad Source: Craigslist

Asking Price: $10,500

Camper Facts

  • Year: 1970
  • Model: Campmobile
  • Odometer: Not Listed
  • Engine: 4 Cylinders
  • Transmission: Manual

Seller Info

  • Type: Private Owner
  • Location: Durango, Colorado
  • Name: Samuel R,
  • Phone: (719) 849-9515
  • Email: Send Message


More Details & Pictures

Up for sale is my 1970 Volkswagen Campmobile (aka Arthur).

I have restored the bus over the course of five years and have taken it on many adventures. It has made four trips from Colorado to British Columbia and roamed all over Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Canada. It has been a reliable adventure vehicle and seen countless skiing and climbing trips. Sadly my time is up with Arthur as I am building a tiny home and need the money for that build. Really don’t want to see him go, but I want Arthur to go to a good home that will take him on lots of adventures.

Arthur is mechanically sound with a stock (mostly german) engine and trans. I put Dual Kadrons on the engine to give it better power and aspiration paired with a 009 distributor with electronic ignition. Valves and oil (I prefer castor 20w50 with STP additive in summer and 10w30 in winter) have always been adjusted and changed at 2,000 miles. I take this engine out once yearly to give it a good cleaning and make sure everything looks good.

This is my daily driver, and if the maintenance is kept up with it should last a while longer. This is an air cooled vw so the owner has to have some mechanical skills or be willing to learn the basics. Not many people work on these anymore so it is up to the owner to take the initiative to keep up on maintenance and have a basic understanding of the engine.

-Rebuilt 1600cc engine with 10,000 miles on it
-Dual Kadron Carbs w/ 009 distributor
-Stock german rockers and pushrods
-Stock heavy flywheel for added torque 
-Sachs clutch and pressure plate
-Doghouse fan shroud and oil cooler
-Electric fuel pump
-Replaced CV joints

-Front parcel tray for more storage
-New Carpets
-Reflective insulation installed everywhere (under carpets, wood floor, bed)
-Laminate wood floor
-Custom built cabinets to match the wood floor (lots of storage!!)
-Reupholstered bench seat and bed
-Custom head liner and headache storage

-California, New Mexico, Colorado bus so very little rust on the undercarriage
-Bra to protect the nose of the bus
-Stock paint in good shape
-BFGoodrich All Terrains with lots of tread (great for offloading and in the snow)

-Some rust under the windshield, doesn’t leak or anything but if you wanted to make it a show car I would get it fixed. I use the bus on lots of backroads and offloading so I just put a bra on the front to protect it. My philosophy with the bus was to keep it nice but ultimately just use it for it’s intended purpose, adventuring. 
-Some areas where the paint is chipped 
-Not going to be fast like a modern car, I try to stay off the interstate but it can do it
-If you aren’t willing to learn some very basic mechanical skills then an Old VW is not for you, go buy a Cargo van or something
-Gets like 18mpg on steep Colorado loads, if theres lots of stuff in it driving on mountains passes it will get about 16mpg. 

-Will include rack crossbars and towers but will NOT include basket or bike/ski rack
-I have kept all the receipts and have about $15,000 into the bus
-It comes with five or six boxes FULL of parts (interior parts, body parts, mirrors, window handles, seals, etc.)
-IIMPORTANT: Including 4 1776cc cylinders, heads, ratio rockers, pushrods and pushrod tubes. Had these parts laying around for the day when I felt like the 1600cc wasn’t doing it for me. But the 1600cc just keeps being so reliable and powerful enough. When the owner wants to change the engine up this 1776 kit is ready to go on. Valued at $2000. If it was me I would just wait to put on the kit until the 1600cc kicks it, wouldn’t shouldn’t be for a while longer. 

I hope Arthur goes to a good home that will take him on more road trips and adventures! If interested please text, call or email. No scammers and I don’t need help selling. I can also send more pictures of the bus and restoration process. 


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